Overall Leaders


The Winter Segment Winner is...
  • You're Mike Weir 2,224 pts
Rank Team Points +/- 

Expert Ranks

246 Josh Culp 2063

Top 50

 1You're Mike Weir2224 
 2Stroking My Stricker2188 
 3Fitter 92176 
 5The Greenskeeper2161 
 7Rough Putters2157 
 92nd and 12151 
 10Bunker Buddies2149 
 11Hit It And Hope2147 
 12Dominican Rookies2145 
 14Free Range Chickens2143 
 17Ballicatter Birdies2134 
 18TR's Hard Rock Parlays2132 
 19Trinkey Trifecta2130 
 20Beer Golf2129 
 22Paula's Creamer Wire to Wire2127 
 24Arkansas Gypdogs2125 
 26Pumpkin OES2123 
 27hack attack2122 
 31Triple Bogey2120 
 32Why So Serious?2119 
 32Clown About Town2119 
 34Team Tahoe2118 
 34Balls deep in the rough2118 
 39My Friend Wang No Offense2114 
 41Droppin' A Deuce2113 
 43Four Skins2112 
 44Bermuda Bent Grass2109 
 45Double Bag the Driver2107 
 48Bogey Free2105 
 49Hello Friends2104