Overall Leaders


The Winter Segment Winner is...
  • Don't Rory Be Happy 2,300 pts
Rank Team Points +/- 

Expert Ranks

1,217 Ned Brown 2104

Top 50

 1Don't Rory Be Happy2300 
 2Team Aphibarnrat2280 
 4Dog Leg Left2268 
 9Hack Attack2256 
 11The Zeuros2249 
 13Desert Giants2244 
 15Gingers Ninjas2243 
 16Green Machine2241 
 18EAGLE PhD2239 
 19vinces tiger2236 
 19****A Hole in One or Two****2236 
 23Stan the Caddy2234 
 24Duval's Balls2231 
 27Phil & Friends2228 
 27I think I can. I know I can!2228 
 27Trailer Trash2228 
 31Winter Rules2226 
 31One-Putt Pants2226 
 34Mr.Skarellen's Wonderboys2224 
 34Al Czervik2224 
 39World Champions2222 
 40Figjam The Gamblin' Man2221 
 40Dustin's Powdery Nose2221 
 42Daddy Longstroke2220 
 43Blue Steel2219 
 43Be The Ball2219 
 43John Daly2219 
 47Grip It & Rip It2218 
 47Groton Chipmunks2218 
 47Yo Mama2218