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Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points +/- 

Expert Ranks

6,669 Ned Brown 1928

Top 50

 1Dwitty's Dipsticks2214 
 4Wieners and Gonads2188 
 8Tiger in the Tundra2171 
 13Real Madrid2159 
 15Knuckle Children2157 
 16Farewell 2 the Stick2150 
 16Senior Discount2150 
 18Fort Bend Javelinas2145 
 19mulligan stu2144 
 19Fairweather Johnson2144 
 21Rico's Hackers2142 
 25The Yips2140 
 27Password is Taco2139 
 28Rocket Man2138 
 29Mookie's Men2137 
 30Chilli Peppers up Jansens Ass2136 
 32In Bob We Trust2134 
 32Easy Money2134 
 32The Cinderella Boy2134 
 37Blues Brothers2133 
 38Shooter McGavin2132 
 393 under 6 over2130 
 40Smooth Stroke2129 
 42Treasure Hunters2128 
 44Akkoniemen Ahkera2127 
 46Golf By George2126 
 48Tiger and Rory Both Suck2124 
 49j c beauchamp2123