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Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points +/- 

Expert Ranks

4,670 Ned Brown 1767

Top 50

 1I Keeg Duffin it1971 
 2Go Gators 20141969 
 3Who's Yo Caddy???1961 
 4I thought this was nascar1960 
 6Big Hitter Lama1951 
 11Flatiron Workers1935 
 12hard slice1933 
 12Jugar al fade1933 
 14The Amazing Wallina!1931 
 15* Bay Area Duffers *1926 
 16The Dufner1925 
 17Par-Lay Jay1924 
 19Straw Goats1923 
 19Basement Bound1923 
 23I AM 701921 
 29Puma Weeds1917 
 31Slizzle Fo Shizzle!1914 
 31Phil's Moobs1914 
 31GPB FFPotY1914 
 37Tiger's Wood1912 
 38Huntsville Hackers1911 
 41Hallee Bears1909 
 43Hole In One Gang1908 
 46Pacifica Foghorns1907 
 46DUH FOX1907 
 46FU BOB HOPE1907