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Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 166

Top 50

 1Pot Bunkers218 
 2Four Aces216 
 2Easy Three Putt216 
 2Ladies First216 
 7Julio teine hongos en los pies214 
 7Jeffy Bee214 
 7Hot Mop214 
 10don't care212 
 10Triple Bogies 2014212 
 10Slick Saints212 
 16Colonel's Birdie Machine210 
 16Madhouse on McDowell210 
 16Bry Rye's Boys210 
 16Crums Crew210 
 21Teed Off208 
 24Cannon Ball Comin'206 
 24The Slashers206 
 24Big Slick206 
 35PAR 555204 
 35Duff z nuff204 
 35Don't Rory Be Happy204 
 35Par Better204 
 35Mulligan Tlustos204 
 35Mulligan Man204 
 35Jax Doc's204 
 35Mr. Wedge204 
 35spiced rum204 
 35Send It204 
 35Droppin' A Duece204