Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 174

Top 50

 1The Stink229 
 6Tiger turns 40227 
 6Be the ball Danny.227 
 10Brads Boys226 
 11Sandy Grave225 
 11Duff Daddy225 
 11Pick up the Pace225 
 11Nicks Picks225 
 11Scot's slicers225 
 11Mr ⛳ Golf 👾225 
 19Weapons of Grass Destruction223 
 19Caddy Shack223 
 19Bogey man Baker223 
 19Golfer Dudes223 
 19MAC FORE223 
 27getting close221 
 27Shut down the factory 🏌221 
 27Fresh Mountain Air221 
 27Dr. Vijay221 
 27Its in the hole221 
 27Daly Wood221 
 27My Champions221 
 40burger king219 
 40TJ MAC 78219 
 40Barry Partelow219 
 40I like big Putts219 
 40Hole-In-One Hero219 
 40First Tee coach219 
 40Cosby's Cocktail Hour219