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Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 118

Top 50

 2Smooth As Eggs229 
 2Team Garbage 2.0229 
 2White Tiger229 
 23 o'clock rule229 
 2Team Bubba229 
 2* Hookers *229 
 13Cheryl's Chip-Ins227 
 13Going to the Chappell227 
 15slicing it up225 
 15Left it Short (a)225 
 15Hillys Hackers225 
 15Tity Boi225 
 19Haner's Hackers223 
 19Two Balls and a Putz223 
 19Dude Where's My Par?223 
 19Old Duffers223 
 23State Street Birdies222 
 23Four Skins222 
 26Cain Mutiny's221 
 26830 Tee Time221 
 26The Whack Fucks!!!221 
 26Team Smoke221 
 26Oh Billy Billy Billy221 
 26Wholey Kaow221 
 26The DrawShank Redemptions221 
 26Golden Girl221 
 40Stiff Shaft220 
 42Fuzzy wunders219 
 42just the tip219 
 42The Power Fade219 
 42I never slice guy219 
 42Big Balls219