Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 206

Top 50

 2I'm Still Belly Puttin238 
 3Kentucky Goes Wire To Wire!!!236 
 4TJs Drivers232 
 4Pebble Beeoch232 
 4Bitch Tits232 
 7Dans Unsigned Checks230 
 7Birdie Barrage230 
 7Ians Fantasy Boys230 
 7Can't Make A Putt230 
 11Chip In Bogey228 
 12Ball Spanker226 
 13One-Eyed Old-Potomas224 
 13No Snow224 
 13The Undertaker224 
 13Nector of the Gods224 
 19Tremendous Slouch222 
 19flog hole222 
 19Tiger Singhs The Blues222 
 19Nascar Master222 
 19One Direction222 
 19Perfect Vector222 
 19Ebb Tides222 
 19Tinker Taylor Golfer Guy222 
 19FeatherTouch or PowerDrive?222 
 29Tiger on the Bottom220 
 293 month vacation220 
 29Nbowa's Knockers220 
 29biff gangster220 
 29Golden Bears220 
 2930/70 Club220 
 29Road Doggs220 
 29Karhu Golf220 
 29Hot Mop220 
 42Tar Heel Blue218 
 42Tee it high and let it fly218 
 42Big Putts218 
 42Scott's Tots218