Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 166

Top 50

 1Reading Rocket233 
 1joseph's Incredible Pick Set233 
 5Gator's golfers231 
 5Albatross Gunner231 
 5Ping 1231 
 9Thelonious Mook230 
 10Pin high229 
 11Ricky Bobby227 
 11South Paw Stickhandlers227 
 11Bilbo's elite227 
 11Scrubs McDuff227 
 11EH Team227 
 11Nice Slice227 
 18MAD Bombers225 
 18SLICE of Life!225 
 18D Team225 
 18Pure Michigan225 
 18Like butter225 
 18Birdie Maker225 
 18round the green225 
 18Birdie these balls225 
 18Chawn303 for par225 
 18Don't Rory Be Happy225 
 18Crawford Cool Cats225 
 18Max Speitheh225 
 18Jerk Store225 
 18JS ajm3kids225 
 18TWO BALLS225 
 18Prairie Putter225 
 18The King's Spieth225 
 18king putt225 
 18bronx bombers225 
 18GoOfBalLs '16225