Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 156

Top 50

 1TDawg's President's Cuppers256 
 1~Cleveland Junkyard Boyz~256 
 43 birdies254 
 6Jake's Forerunners250 
 6Hole in Uno250 
 9Love the Lefties248 
 11Help me Hank Haney246 
 11Vinegar Strokes246 
 11Roaring Rory246 
 14i love birdys244 
 14Charlotte's Shadow244 
 18Fairway To Heaven242 
 18Lol Golf242 
 18Ice Ice Baby242 
 18Green Green Grass of Holes242 
 18tiger tiger woods y'all242 
 18brich 3242 
 18GM's Birdie Machine242 
 18Rickie Flower242 
 18Foot Wedge242 
 18Rolling Pure242 
 18Boom Boom Freddy242 
 18LOL Tiger242 
 18Wizzle's A Team242 
 18Lucky Lefty242 
 18Munchen on Bundchen242 
 36Donkeys Boyz240 
 36The Searchers240 
 36Nonno x 3240 
 36Robs choice240 
 36Brassie Flub240 
 36double bogey golf240 
 36Carrell's Duffers240 
 36Fairway To Heaven240 
 36Spiethy Boys240