Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 188

Top 50

 1Joe Webb's Professional Driver260 
 2Teeing up in the Fairway258 
 3Jay's Hookers256 
 5Capt. Bob254 
 5Comeback kid254 
 5LoNg DrIvErS254 
 5Tollhouse Hackers254 
 14road runner252 
 14hole in One252 
 14Another Flop252 
 14Monique's fat ass252 
 14Woody's Wonderballs252 
 14Redondo Beach Bruins252 
 14Abu Toonman252 
 22buckeye brutus250 
 22Sweet Victory250 
 22Never Up Never In250 
 22Tiger's Wood250 
 22Hole In Four250 
 22Phil's Friends250 
 22Bird's the word250 
 22ida's team250 
 22sticks n bricks250 
 22Botetourt Aleworks250 
 22Mr. Scholarship Winner250 
 2214 Sticks250 
 22Old Kooters250 
 22Rockford Rebel's250 
 22Beer Belly250 
 22Alan's ROLL TIDE Long Drives250 
 22Wild Man250 
 22Stitch Happy250 
 22Faulkner's fade250 
 22Alex Mickelson250