Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 132

Top 50

 2He shoots He scores!238 
 2Light It Up238 
 6Spieth's Namesake230 
 6Tee time230 
 9Mack the Turtle228 
 9Michigan Wildcats228 
 11Mr. Grynch226 
 11I Love Rakes!226 
 11Three Putt Gulch226 
 15Grip It & Rip It224 
 17Mulligan Creek222 
 18LFC Germany220 
 18eagles soar220 
 18Cancer Crushers220 
 18Below Par220 
 18Pitch And Putt220 
 18Burleson Ditchdiggers (E2)220 
 24Chuck's Hackers218 
 24Fasth-er Than Light218 
 24My Balls Have Dimples218 
 24Golden Bear218 
 24Meatsball Millen218 
 24Bread and Butter Pickles218 
 24Chuk's Par & Chill218 
 24Fightin' Gyphins218 
 24The Mighty Stickmen218 
 35Make America Great Again!!216 
 35The CLegg216 
 35Baba Booey216 
 35TEAM WOOD216 
 35All Lip No Hole216 
 41Bobby Jone's Collection214 
 41Big Dawg214 
 41The Johnsons214 
 46Pin High212 
 46Tiz in the hole212