Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 134

Top 50

 1Butt Fumble238 
 4Kiwi Kaps232 
 5Henryetta Sooner230 
 9Shutdown G226 
 9Hammer of Ror (y)226 
 9Eye of the tiger226 
 14dbigstick's bashers224 
 14Soboba Classic224 
 14tap in guy224 
 14Sugars Dominators224 
 14Hilton Hackers224 
 21Greenrock Bombers222 
 21Coach Renfroe222 
 21Morning 3-wood222 
 21Drewdog's Duffers222 
 21'Cleek' Man222 
 27Chilly Dip Chip220 
 27Hairy Haulers220 
 27Mountain Palms at Guam220 
 27Beecher's bogies220 
 27El Tigre 4.0220 
 27Bogey Brad220 
 37Longest Deepest & Hardest218 
 37Balls Won't Drop218 
 37The 97411218 
 37The Putt Pirates218 
 37Farewell Gentle Ben218 
 46It's In The B-Hole!216