Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 20

Top 50

 2Danny Noonan48 
 2Where's the Cart Girl48 
 2Captain Wedge48 
 2Lee Trevino48 
 2An Executive Exclusive Partner48 
 2Puff Caddie48 
 2The Medic II48 
 2No. 1 Balls in Golf48 
 11Master Duffer46 
 11Waymore's Blues46 
 11Penn State Golf Team46 
 11Reflog Dab46 
 11Cole Harbour Hackers46 
 11Wing Nut46 
 11Droppin' A Deuce46 
 11Shi T Pa Town46 
 11Rev's Monsters46 
 11Pummel Nutz46 
 11Putt Pirates46 
 11Who knows?46 
 11Going Low46 
 11Dynasti's Sick Picks46 
 11Fixed Income46 
 33Lucky Lefty44 
 33Prasm's Picks44 
 33spare me44 
 33Hugh's Hopeless Hackers44 
 33nothing but hole44 
 332015 Fantasy Champion44 
 33Dimpled Balls44 
 33Never Say Die44 
 33Cartwright? Cartwright!44 
 33Legend of the South44