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Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 193

Top 50

 2Team Wanker237 
 3The Belly Pouters235 
 3ED BALLS235 
 3E Z Hitter235 
 7Two Eagles231 
 7Crash Course231 
 9P Shooters229 
 9Swing Oil229 
 9Eddie Mush229 
 16Your Team Name227 
 1640 footer for a snowman227 
 2182nd Percentile225 
 21Cid Zipp225 
 21Painted Desert225 
 25Eric'snutt in monkey's mouth223 
 25OB 1 Kenobi223 
 25Dick Fowler P.I.223 
 25ciptos 2223 
 25Abu Toonman223 
 25The Beginning223 
 25Drive for Show...223 
 25Oodles of Boodles223 
 25Fighting Maltipoos223 
 25Martin Kaymer223 
 25Anchorban 2223 
 25Fort Faucker223 
 25Go NAVY223 
 25Bubble Burner Bunker Bo223 
 25Long balls223 
 25The Mighty Grimmace's223 
 50Twelfth Son of the Lama221