Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 129

Top 50

 1Rock Pile Duffer205 
 4Fighting Tuna197 
 5Tee Peed III193 
 7Thinder Gashman192 
 9lex air traffic191 
 11Sinkn 3 Footers189 
 11Mr. Handwedge189 
 11downhill breaker189 
 11Crazy Canucks189 
 15I HATE GOLF187 
 15Fairway To Heaven187 
 15Dave's Rave187 
 15Down the Middle187 
 20Smoke Porterhouse185 
 20Hawkes Hackers185 
 26Trump for Prime Minister184 
 26Fairway To Heaven184 
 29Grip It and Sip It183 
 29Dogleg Left183 
 29Ty Webb Needs a Drink183 
 29Chicken Dinner183 
 29On the green in 2183 
 29TBI Bucks183 
 29Chip in for Bogey183 
 29Texas Liberty183 
 29Hole in Two183 
 29Guy Caballero183 
 29Pittsburgh Drives183