Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 137

Top 50

 1Screw Balls223 
 2Double Bogey Blues220 
 4Green Dogs217 
 4Aussie AdamDay217 
 4Springdale Slicers XXXX217 
 7OC Serpents216 
 8Triple Bogey214 
 8Want to press?214 
 8Fore Play214 
 8Cru Golf214 
 8Gimme 1214 
 8Atlanta Vols214 
 8john daly fan214 
 8Yep It's Me214 
 8Hot Putters214 
 8Mr. Greenjeans214 
 8BIG WHEEL...214 
 8Fu King Long214 
 8French Fantasy 2015214 
 8Major Disasters214 
 8Sunday Red214 
 8Tbone Crushers214 
 8Frank Einstein214 
 8no snowmen214 
 8High Life214 
 8Purple Cobras214 
 8Tiger's Special Menu214 
 8The Loose Impediments214 
 8Better than Last214 
 8Its a Marathon not a Sprint214 
 8all over the pin214 
 8tremendous slouch214 
 8Halved Swam with an 8214 
 8GW Hackers214