Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 172

Top 50

 2Truffle Butter257 
 2dens acers257 
 5Twisted Dave253 
 6Cobbs Creek Ashes252 
 7Guaranteed A #1 Winner250 
 7That didn't count250 
 9Mitch Cumstein248 
 10Boardwalk Yachtsmen247 
 12purelife golfers245 
 19Kicked in the Kaymer243 
 22Tee time242 
 22Ed's Picks242 
 25Every Day240 
 25Golden Shaft240 
 28A Good Walk Spoiled239 
 28The Deanos239 
 302 in the drink 1 in the cup238 
 30Spring Fever All Star238 
 30Ladies Tee238 
 30Sultans of Swing238 
 30Redsox 2016238 
 35Par Rangers236 
 35The Cheque Collectors236 
 35Triple T236 
 35MI Sticks236 
 35Seve Style Otra Vez236 
 35Pebble Bitch236 
 35Augusta Magic236 
 43Shooter McGavin235 
 4312th son of the Llama235 
 45Hole In Savage234 
 45Dr Slice234 
 45Masters and Open Champion234