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Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 146

Top 50

 1Lafferty Daniel250 
 1Long Drives Short Putts250 
 1Tin Cup250 
 7Carl Spackler's cannonball244 
 7Balls Out244 
 11Grip It and Sip It242 
 11Bald Eagles242 
 11Rubba Donga242 
 11Breaking Bad242 
 11Beach Bum242 
 18El Guapo240 
 18drivin for show!240 
 18taylormade to singh the blues240 
 18the stiff shafts240 
 27The Dogs238 
 27Kiradech Barnrat238 
 27The Fore Horsemen238 
 27The Hairy Bear238 
 27Groveland Slicers238 
 27Detroit PBR238 
 27Big Dog238 
 27May the 4th be with you238 
 27Golf Lundgren238 
 27Adricia under par238 
 27One more Pamps238 
 42Rory's mistake236 
 42Carnivores ©236 
 42Fear The Fairway236 
 42Kenelway's Big Drive236