Overall Leaders


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Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 160

Top 50

 1Two Putt Bogeyman230 
 3The Lonzos220 
 5I like scotch216 
 5Hazzard Golf216 
 7Hot Carl214 
 7Drawing the Lines214 
 7Left hand Rough214 
 7Cookie Holmes214 
 11Shooter McGavin212 
 11Balls Deep 8212 
 11Looper in the himalayas212 
 11King Harbaugh212 
 11Plano Swingers Club212 
 11Skin's Master212 
 11leftys rockets212 
 11Au revoir Gopher!212 
 24Playing out of the Woods!210 
 24Miller Time210 
 24A donut w/ no hole is a danish210 
 24The Lumber Yard210 
 24DC Dynasty210 
 24The Golden Bear210 
 33Dannys Duffers208 
 33Is Monty Playing This Week?208 
 33Tin Cup208 
 33The Loan Arranger208 
 33Be the ball208 
 33Worm Burner208 
 33Silvers' Posse208 
 33Donald Ross Rules208 
 43Chick's Stick's206 
 43Smoke 'em if you got 'em206 
 43Just Me206 
 43Vinegar Strokes206 
 43The Champ206 
 43Long Ball206