Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 142

Top 50

 1Veau's Birdie Machines269 
 1Indy Hackers269 
 3Poop's Par-Tea265 
 3Splat Green Splat!265 
 3McBrat Pack265 
 3Chi-raq bitches265 
 3Tiger out of Amanda's Duff265 
 3Beer wings and swings265 
 3Long Balls265 
 3Long ballers265 
 3Damn You Tiger265 
 3Some Golfers265 
 3John P Fromkes265 
 3$Sunday Orange265 
 23Panhandle 3 Putts264 
 25Team Melrose263 
 25Crunchy's Crew263 
 28Kwe Kwe262 
 30Sharp Right261 
 31Short Game260 
 33How About A Fresca?259 
 33Golden Eagles259 
 33Hole Outs259 
 39Tiger's Woodz257 
 39Ivan Putski257 
 39Snap Hook257 
 39Buckeye Hackers257 
 39Chas team257 
 45back for more256 
 50Foz's Golfers255