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- Josh Culp 92

Top 50

 2Sitting on beach earning 20%231 
 2F & G231 
 4Eagle year229 
 5Gold Tees Now227 
 5Green River Grinder227 
 5Sclaffing Like it's 1899227 
 5Three Putt227 
 5BKD CMD227 
 5Fur Circle227 
 14Pickin' Balls226 
 18AT's Picks225 
 18No three putt225 
 20My year bitches223 
 26Tee Time222 
 29Fast greens today!220 
 29Magna Balls220 
 29Hack Attack220 
 29Don't Rory Be Happy220 
 29Spartan Dawg220 
 29Beaver Tail Express220 
 29With the Grain220 
 29Putt Putt Give220 
 29In The Ruff220 
 29Meatsball Millen220 
 29Caddy shack220 
 29Jason Day and the Argonauts220 
 29Password is Chris220 
 29Duffer's Delight220 
 29Fairway To Heaven220