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Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 186

Top 50

 1Judge Smails262 
 1Scofield's Bird262 
 4Philly C. C.254 
 4Fairway Farrells254 
 6Its in the hole250 
 8Woody Fans248 
 8Power DRAW248 
 8Grab the wedge!248 
 14roar back lefties246 
 16Mhil Pickelson242 
 16Top Three Every Week!242 
 16Smokie Mountain Pin Seekers242 
 22Fantasy Guru240 
 22Shooter McGavin240 
 22Oversized Heads240 
 22Porn Starz240 
 22OC Serpents240 
 30Shooter McGavin238 
 30Jack's Pack238 
 30The Surgeon238 
 35Bass Frenzy236 
 35Carl Spackler236 
 35Seamus MacDuff ®236 
 35Captain Jack236 
 35Bogey Free236 
 35***SKYYS The Limit236 
 35Tin Cup236 
 35Satan the Sandwich Man236 
 35Buffalo Stevie236 
 35I <3 cart girls236 
 353 Putting From Anywhere236 
 35Birdie Busters236 
 35Tea Bagger Vance236