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Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 119

Top 50

 3Senior Hacker191 
 4Grip It & Rip It!189 
 4From the Tips189 
 9Wee Links188 
 9Dead Parrots188 
 113 ring circus187 
 11Hit'm Straight187 
 16Z HACKER186 
 16Go for It Roy!186 
 16Dustin Lions186 
 19Drivin For Show185 
 19Nanny's Goats185 
 21Seinfeld Fore184 
 25Lazer Catz182 
 25Shooter McGavin182 
 25Bogey Man182 
 25Double turds!182 
 25A Mulligan182 
 25DC Centaurs182 
 25The Yips182 
 25You do drugs Danny?182 
 25Day's Dingos182 
 25Mmm...open-face club sandwich182 
 25sagging ball sack182 
 25Shooter McGavin182 
 25Chicken Finger Dinner182 
 25the stud182 
 25Kelvim's Putters182 
 25Burning Greens182 
 25Roasted DUCK182 
 25Cinderella Story182 
 25FIRs and GIRs182 
 25Ricks Hicks182