Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 136

Top 50

 1+Gein Fother198 
 2The Nordegren Donkey Puncher194 
 2Retired Guy194 
 5Shooter McGavin192 
 6Better Luck THIS Year190 
 7Tiger's Tail189 
 9Fl☼g †his!188 
 9Gods of Summer188 
 12Liger's Front Tooth186 
 12Guest of the Scott's186 
 12Life - What A Trip -186 
 12Quest For Firestone186 
 12Broken Bones186 
 12Don't Rory Be Happy186 
 25The Groves Gal184 
 25Go Rickieeeee!!184 
 25No.1 Balls in Golf184 
 25Grand Rapidian184 
 25The SUCK184 
 25The Eagle Has Sanded184 
 35Fringe with benefits183 
 39Need a Mully182 
 39Hondo's Hackers182 
 39Stroke my Woody Austin182 
 39I F☼RG☻T PASSW☺®D ؟182 
 39Back to the Kuchar182 
 39Sweet Shots182 
 39Mashed Potatoes!!!182 
 39Pale Moon Rising182 
 39Smokin Joe's Jocks182