Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 128

Top 50

 1Ball Washers214 
 3Team Ilonen212 
 4I Dig Dick Zokol210 
 6Sneaky Long208 
 8The Blueprint206 
 8Three's a party206 
 8Money Sign206 
 12Tiger 15204 
 12Iron Men204 
 12G.O.A.T. Scalpers204 
 12tee it up204 
 19Stay Thirsty202 
 19Divot Master202 
 19Guata Golf202 
 19The Finger202 
 19Return of DICE202 
 19Hockey Player Playing Golf202 
 26Fake Fore-gasms200 
 26Czervick's Czervants200 
 26House Rules200 
 26tecates blasters200 
 33How Low Can You Go198 
 33Dew Sweeper198 
 33Goon Squad198 
 40Southern gentlman196 
 40Longer in the Back196 
 40The Hanzel196