Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 172

Top 50

 1Take Dead Aim244 
 2ProV1 Kanobi240 
 3Great Danes238 
 3Kneuman Dempsey's238 
 7Big's Bums236 
 11Tap In232 
 12South Lyon Slice230 
 12Augusta Jones230 
 12Shut Up Overton230 
 12Raith Ravers230 
 18Pseudo Fuzzy-Zoeller IV228 
 18JD's Ryder Cup228 
 18Watch This228 
 18Mao's Black & Gold Army228 
 18All Red Everything228 
 18Bubba Twatson228 
 18Two chip chen228 
 181 Tee 1 Ball228 
 32Fun With Foreplay226 
 32God at Work226 
 32Dj HertzU226 
 32My Caddy can beatup your Caddy226 
 327 Iron Allstars226 
 32Stroke This226 
 32Team Martin226 
 42Boom Goes the Dynamite224 
 42Bae Loves to Bohn224 
 42cono clowns224 
 42Bogey Buddies224 
 42Putt Pirates224 
 42Shooter McGavin224