Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 192

Top 50

 4Is That a Titlelist?226 
 4Chubbs Peterson226 
 4Augusta States226 
 7Putt Pirates224 
 7Smoke and Mirrors224 
 7Double Bogey224 
 11No Putin' From The Rough222 
 16Weaver Pro220 
 20No Carts on path218 
 20dew sweeper218 
 20stimpy's idiots218 
 20Hittin' Putts Slappin' Butts218 
 25Pin Seekers216 
 27phranks eagles214 
 27Ace Bogart214 
 27The Frozen Mitten214 
 27goffy golfer214 
 27The Turkey214 
 27Crockett Gillmore214 
 27The Return of the Tiger214 
 27eagles galore214 
 27Mr. Paulina's Power Powder214 
 27Tiger's Revenge214 
 27bob fleming214 
 43Danny Noonan212 
 43Centripetal Force212 
 43Good as a flu fart212 
 43Blue Canyon IV212 
 43Where's my ball Kyle?212 
 43Bogey Golfer212