Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 189

Top 50

 3Eichel's Caddie222 
 3Paulina My Johnson222 
 7$hooter McGavin220 
 7Brit Bogey Pickers220 
 7Hey Sang Moon Bae Bae Bae220 
 12DJ's nose candy218 
 12Barrel Mafia218 
 126 Inches Down218 
 15Par-Lay Jay217 
 16Hafer's Hackers216 
 16Mary Browns Wings216 
 16Wanna make $14 the Hard Way?216 
 16Bakubrit Team216 
 21Darth's Duffers215 
 22Team Melrose214 
 22My Friend Wang214 
 22Stiff Shafted Shankers214 
 22Eddie's Birdie's214 
 22Mike's Little Putter214 
 22The Price Is Wrong Bob!214 
 22Golden Bear214 
 22Ham and Egging214 
 30Packers Rule213 
 32Missouri Hawkeye212 
 32Chehalem Clubbers212 
 32Hacks in Slacks212 
 32Puff Caddy212 
 32Shank You Very Much212 
 32Hit It And Hope212 
 32Rock the Red212 
 45Roll the Rock211 
 45Balls and Shaft211 
 45Charlotte's Shadow211