Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 180

Top 50

 1Bay Area Duffers I228 
 3Slamin Sammy223 
 5Big Johnson's220 
 5I am Groot220 
 9Dr. Vijays Antler Spray219 
 9you're welcome219 
 9B Factory219 
 16Al Czervik Country Club218 
 16Tiger You're Fired218 
 16VA GIANTS218 
 21Tighter Than A ........217 
 22Wanch of Bunkers216 
 22Bando e' Locos216 
 22Von Ryans Express216 
 22Weapons of grass destruction216 
 22Ned Brown stinks216 
 30CC revenge215 
 33Goofy Pants214 
 33Dave Duval214 
 33Tiger's Back214 
 33Watch Out Hole Out214 
 33Bushwood Golphers214 
 39Usual Suspects213 
 39Pin High213 
 39Dole's Holers213 
 43The Yips212 
 43Veteran Haters212 
 43TO Freakshow212 
 43Happy Gilmore212 
 43Big Buck212 
 43TPC George212 
 433 wood212 
 43Cleveland Steamers212