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Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 132

Top 50

 1May the Schwartzel Be With You199 
 2Droppin A Deuce197 
 4Asian Persuasion195 
 5Adam Scott-The Actor193 
 6Never Up Never In192 
 6Hit it straight and long192 
 64 yards more192 
 10Michael Sams Boyfriend190 
 10PRINCESS n the RULER190 
 16The Bosses189 
 19Brads team186 
 19Rayo Julays186 
 22Puttem Away185 
 23Dufner's duffers184 
 25Shooter McGavin183 
 26Breaking Balls182 
 263-Putt King182 
 34Double Bogey180 
 34Lacey Underall180 
 34i hate maul180 
 34Money rank # 99999180 
 34The Fantastic Foursome180 
 34Shooter McGavin180 
 34Gramps Can Slice180 
 34Johnson and Johnson180 
 34vinegar strokes180