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Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 68

Top 50

 2Sir... This isn't the US Open.200 
 4Grande DeLaete198 
 4On the Fringe198 
 4Piringuita Chi Chi198 
 8Club Rat196 
 8Lee Trevino Trio196 
 10Brooks' Favorite Grampa194 
 10GB Wolfpack194 
 10Father of Fore194 
 10Tee to green194 
 16Big Daddy192 
 16Iwa Golfers192 
 16You Like That192 
 16Vegas Baby192 
 16I Need a Cart192 
 16Short Strokes192 
 16The Beginning192 
 16Moore's Wellers192 
 16Tee'd Off192 
 27Spalding Smails190 
 272015 Spring Segment Champ190 
 32The Yips188 
 32Skippy 2016188 
 32Risers of 16188 
 32Sam Manley188 
 32Happy Gil-Murr188 
 32Vanilla Thunder188 
 42The Eagle Has Landed186 
 42den's duffers186 
 46Shooter McGavin184 
 46Yankee Girl184 
 49Leaf Hater182