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Expert Ranks

- Ned Brown 174

Top 50

 4got mine253 
 4Mo Slicers253 
 6Snyder Cup 2015251 
 7Who made these picks?248 
 7Team Lefty248 
 7Hack and Chase Forever248 
 7Chitown HVAC dr248 
 7Lil Shanty248 
 13TLeck's Terrific Pick Set246 
 13William Mayfair246 
 13Holy Balls246 
 13Dirty Balls246 
 13Captain Planet246 
 19Disco Pants & Haircuts245 
 19Morning 7 Wood245 
 19Chili Dipper245 
 22Balls Deep244 
 22Albatross man244 
 22Bigger is better244 
 22Send the Ball Home244 
 22Swingin' for the green!244 
 22Carl Spackler244 
 22Never Up Never In244 
 22McBear's Golfers 2015244 
 22Cobra Kai244 
 34Tiger is the Man243 
 36Off in the Woods242 
 36Team Knickers242 
 36KJ Putters242 
 36Hugh Johnson242 
 36Alone Again242 
 36Eagle Eyes242 
 36Fearsome Fousome242 
 36Huck Dook242 
 36Fantasy Investors III242 
 36Just The Tip242 
 36Fabrique Belgique242