Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 154

Top 50

 1Rolling Rocks198 
 1Westside Trash198 
 4Birdie Patrol196 
 4I Got Shankitis196 
 6The Hackers194 
 7Monkey Clown Golf192 
 7So What? So let's Dance!192 
 9Mashed Potatos191 
 9Par Out191 
 12Who cares190 
 12Ball & Biscuit190 
 142 foot missed putt188 
 14Lay Back And Charge188 
 17Tremendous Slouch187 
 17West Main Wahoos187 
 17Madison Ivy's Fluffer187 
 21Big G186 
 21My Friend Wang186 
 21Hit it high watch it fly!186 
 21Richmond Nose Picks186 
 27Hooked It185 
 27docs' raiders185 
 30Triple Bogey184 
 30Here birdie birdie184 
 30Spaulding Smails184 
 30Brooks Haven184 
 30Dropping A Deuce184 
 30NFL Films Golf $184 
 30Holly's Hooters184 
 30Tim Conway All-Stars184 
 30Fanciful Pants184 
 30Stan my caddy184 
 30Hulio's Crews184 
 30Brett's Team184 
 44Wei's Knees183 
 44Weapons of Grass Destruction183 
 44Dimpled Balls183 
 44harrisburg sandtraps183 
 44Happy Gilmore183 
 50Pitter Patter Putter182