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Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 180

Top 50

 1Glen from the mail room216 
 4Crooklyn Hosers210 
 6No Love208 
 7Cinderella Story206 
 7Golf Is Not A Sport206 
 7Golf Dawgs206 
 7Foot Wedge206 
 7GoLo Millz206 
 7Ball busters206 
 14Spieth Impediment204 
 14Lolo golf204 
 14It's in the hole204 
 14Pin high204 
 14The Haight District204 
 20Spieth for a Day202 
 20HOOVER RET.202 
 20Bobby Jones202 
 20🐊 Lunde202 
 20Double Penny202 
 27Sned Zeppelin200 
 27JM Lane Champs200 
 27Foot Wedge200 
 27Scratch Cameli200 
 27Tiagra Woods200 
 27Make My Putter Flutter200 
 27mo's mashees200 
 27Buckie's Birdies200 
 27Ryder Cup Wannabees200 
 27Broad street ballstrikers200 
 43Prime Time Slime198 
 43Pardon the Annialation198 
 43Naked For Eagles198 
 43The Red Hot Chili Dippers198 
 43Warnocks Wallbangers198