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  • Overall Leaders


    Rank Team Points

    Expert Ranks

    - Ned Brown 103

    Top 50

     1HO HO 1196 
     2Kebek Slicers195 
     4Tiger Who?193 
     6Slightly better than Tiger!!189 
     7Carolina Buckeyes187 
     10Balls on your chin186 
     11so long185 
     12Get Some Cold Cuts184 
     13Hittin Greens Makin Green183 
     13Tyler Durdin183 
     13BOGEY PARADE183 
     19Balls on ya!181 
     19powelton pee wee181 
     19Langley Knights181 
     23BU$TED BALL$180 
     24Pin High179 
     24Princess of Tide-sports179 
     24Pinehurst Pros179 
     24Daly Drinkers179 
     29Raider Trash178 
     31toothless tiger177 
     31Glute Activator177 
     37Gangstah Golf176 
     39Sand Fleas175 
     39Par 3 Pros175 
     39Royal St Prudence Albatrosses175 
     39worm burners175 
     48Pioneer Putters174 
     48Three putt Master174