Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points +/- 

Expert Ranks

24,349 Josh Culp 1529

Top 50

 1Dr. Slice1988 
 2Fairway to Heaven1985 
 3Hicks & Sticks Putt-Putt1981 
 4Cypress Point Club1978 
 5Shoe Wedge1977 
 6Oakfield Putters1954 
 7Rahm'n Noodles1953 
 8Fat stacks1952 
 9⛳ Al Czervik1946 
 10Buckman's Bullies1945 
 10Fatrick Reed lol1945 
 14TJs 19th Hole1943 
 15Harringtons foursome1942 
 17The Reaper1935 
 19Birdie busters1934 
 20Udder Pluckers1932 
 21Colonial Marshal1929 
 23Who's Your Caddy?1926 
 26Soar with the Eagles1921 
 27Polar bear1919 
 28Rick's Team1917 
 29Grandpa Jet1916 
 29Single Maltbie1916 
 31Invitational Champion1915 
 32Whole N Won 2x Champ1914 
 35Long and straight1912 
 36My Way or the Fairway1911 
 38Hey it's me - Tiger1909 
 38The Showmen1909 
 43Jims Junkies1908 
 47Droppin' Another Deuce1905 
 48Fairway to Heaven1901 
 49Barry the Baldknobber1899