Overall Leaders


The Spring Segment Winner is...
  • pvhillbillies 1,837 pts
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Expert Ranks

24,995 Josh Culp 1391

Top 50

 2Grounds Keeper Carl1807 
 3deep purple1798 
 4Carl Spackler1796 
 9Kind Boba-san1780 
 10Kevin Naaaaah1779 
 10Shot In the Dark1779 
 18One Putt1772 
 20I Slice My Balls1771 
 20Joe's Eagles Have Landed1771 
 20613 Golf1771 
 2349er Fan1770 
 25Ace Shooters1765 
 25Ace Shooters1765 
 25Willie's Driver's1765 
 30Stiff Shaft Wet Balls1763 
 32Fists of Furyk1762 
 33jays squad1761 
 33Straight Cash Homie1761 
 35Dead Aim1760 
 36Grimm's on the Green1759 
 36Pars are good1759 
 40Diz Foley's Birdies1758 
 41Grip it and sip it1757 
 41Bay Hillbilly1757 
 43Sweet Victory1756 
 43The Atomic Wedgies1756 
 43Paulina's Power Thong1756 
 49LittleFort's Philistines1754 
 49Sofa King Good1754