Overall Leaders


The Spring Segment Winner is...
  • 3 Putt 2,251 pts
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Expert Ranks

6,899 Ned Brown 1972

Top 50

 13 Putt2251 
 2Pimp Daddy2235 
 5Curly COMMISH2215 
 8Severe ThunderStormer2208 
 9'Ol Golf Cart On Green Trick2201 
 10This Gophers got Gumption2200 
 11Rangusta Club Champ2193 
 13Carl $packler2192 
 13Mr. 3 Wiggle2192 
 15Club Champ!2189 
 15Phil's Perogies2189 
 17worm burner2187 
 21Another Flop2181 
 22Horrible Just Horrible2180 
 22Chilly Dip Chip2180 
 22two ball2180 
 25DJ's Eight Ball2179 
 25Just give me the cash2179 
 25Winter is Coming2179 
 28Coastal 12178 
 29Average Joe's2175 
 31Lightly squeeze your putter2174 
 31Brit Bogey Pickers2174 
 31Numero Uno2174 
 35qDriving Damsels***2171 
 39Lickliter's Heaters2170 
 39Flop Shot2170 
 41Tiger Pants2169 
 4119th Hole Noster2169 
 41eagle man2169 
 45Out of Bounds2168 
 46Two Fairways Wide2167 
 46Chilly Dippers2167 
 48North Shore Bombers2166 
 50The BlackJacks2163