Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 132

Top 50

 2The Hole-Outs210 
 4Straight Back - Straight Thru207 
 5Bob's Bo'ness Belters205 
 6I shot 69 @ 58204 
 6Raider Red204 
 9Danny Noonan203 
 9Condors & Catastrophe┬┤s203 
 9blakes boys203 
 12Hall N One202 
 12Snake Oil202 
 15Tin Cup201 
 15al czervik201 
 15Mr 3 Putt201 
 19Who Cares200 
 199 ironics200 
 19Dude where's the beer cart?200 
 19Woody Rules200 
 19Double Booger200 
 27Seamus MacDuff199 
 27Woodbridge #15199 
 27Chasing Finn199 
 27I like BIG PUTTS199 
 27Brendan Woods199 
 273 putt Chump199 
 27Erie Tiger199 
 27Lefty's Loopers199 
 27It's in the hole199 
 27Clean Balls199 
 27Skee town199 
 27Shooter McGavin199 
 27the hackers199 
 27Drive for Show199 
 2750% More Shots199