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- Josh Culp 162

Top 50

 2Tee Off218 
 2Foot Wedge218 
 2Worm Burners218 
 2Bucs Fan218 
 2Party of Fore218 
 2Dimpled Balls218 
 2Wilderness North218 
 2KY Thunder218 
 2Shafty (Phish Song)218 
 2rocos boys218 
 2Year of the Monkey218 
 2Slamm'n Sam218 
 2Year of the Tiger218 
 2Équipe de rêve218 
 2leesabs chippies218 
 2On The Fringe218 
 2Hey Wang Its a Parking Lot!218 
 2Flint Tropics218 
 2Dead Money218 
 2I never slice218 
 2The old 96ers218 
 2Back to the Kuchar218 
 2The Storm218 
 2A Shingo Ate My Baby218 
 2Billy Ray Valentine218 
 44Jeff edwards 300+216 
 44Chunk a Chip216 
 44CPAL XIII216 
 44A good walk spoiled216 
 44The Shanksville Duffs216