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Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 198

Top 50

 1Harringtons foursome262 
 2Kompare's Team257 
 3Mac Daddy Santa256 
 3Single Maltbie256 
 34sale - 2 Dozen K Sigs - $350256 
 7TOE of the CAMEL255 
 8Double Bogey Blues253 
 8Chicks Dig the Long Ball253 
 8Ace Holes253 
 8Bubba's Pink Balls253 
 15Hogan's Heroes251 
 15Mark's Sharks251 
 15Penetrating Drive251 
 15Does David Johnson Golf???251 
 152 girls 1 golf hole251 
 15The Grateful Snead251 
 15DJ's Dealer251 
 15Invitational Champion251 
 15Razors Edge251 
 15Shanks Alot251 
 15Johnston's Beef Stick251 
 15Dirty Janzen251 
 15John Daly Fan Club251 
 15Fore Shizzle251 
 15Ty's Ties251 
 15Your Matsuyama so fat251 
 15TPC South Portland251 
 15Drawshank Redemption251 
 15ProV 17251 
 15The King251 
 15Tiger's 9-Iron251 
 15Dimples On My Balls251