Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 104

Top 50

 1Tin Can the Pizza Man207 
 1The Rev207 
 5Hit it Wind202 
 6Going Right201 
 9Club Champion200 
 9STROKE ME!!!200 
 9Marshall's Bombers200 
 9The Old Billy Baroo200 
 9mediterranean mafia200 
 16Trader Scrod197 
 19Fairways & Greens195 
 19Sandy PAR195 
 19Grass Fags195 
 19Freckles Foursome195 
 2319th hole194 
 23i told you the skins suck194 
 23Worm burners194 
 29Hershey Hackers193 
 29Bubba's Pink Shaft193 
 29Paulina on Sundays193 
 29The Mole193 
 29Long Putters193 
 29FAB FOUR193 
 29Tanya's Titans193 
 29Ace's Putter193 
 29Late bloomers193 
 29Pete's Winners193 
 29Bru's Crew193 
 29Putt Pirates193 
 29Hogan's Heroes193 
 29The Biggest Big Bertha193 
 29So CA Surfriders193 
 29Lacey Underalls193 
 29Lady's Tee193