Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 102

Top 50

 1Hide dem squirrels210 
 2ARPO Monkeys208 
 4Duffing Duff200 
 4The Green Jackets200 
 6Hurricane Express198 
 6Marks Picks198 
 9Playing Out of the Woods!194 
 9Al Czervik194 
 9I triple dog dare you194 
 12Tar Heel Golf192 
 12Dimpled Balls192 
 16Wet Wedgers190 
 16Who's Your Caddy190 
 19Alaskan Dominator188 
 19Skippy intha Blue Birds188 
 24Help Lexi marker her ball!186 
 24No Putter186 
 24Phil's Doppelgänger186 
 28I`m feeling very UNDER PAR.184 
 28Dr. Bombay184 
 28Shooter !!!184 
 31Sarah Pipelinee182 
 31Stroking My Stricker182 
 31(E6)Shut up Overton182 
 31Long Balls182 
 31One time182 
 31Jerry's Kids182 
 40Fore Loko180 
 40Bushwood Country Club180 
 40Golden Strokes180 
 40The Raging DechamBeauners180 
 40Destined Champions180 
 40Five men and a Golf Bag180