Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 209

Top 50

 5Straight Down The Middle247 
 5Free Range Balls247 
 5Carl Spackler's school of golf247 
 5Golf Schmolf247 
 5Bagger Vance247 
 5Mashed Potatoes247 
 5Muse Guy247 
 5The Deplorables247 
 20Wheres Faldo245 
 20Pumpkin OES245 
 20Dawg pound-245 
 20Iron Man245 
 20LIL mo245 
 28Ram Team243 
 28Birdie bonanza243 
 28Chubby 1243 
 28Mr. Havercamp's hot today243 
 28Long Hair Boys243 
 28The A Team243 
 28Rory's Rippers!243 
 28Miss Cotton Master243 
 28The 19th Hole243 
 28winner take all243 
 45Shank you very much241 
 45Nixy Shot Shaper241 
 45The Duffers241