Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 78

Top 50

 1Moment of Inertia122 
 3Spencer Butryn118 
 3cream of the crop118 
 3Duff's Duffers118 
 7Ace It116 
 7Assistant Pro Material116 
 7The Black Knight116 
 7H8 3PUTTS116 
 14TJs 19th Hole114 
 18Shooter McGavin112 
 18Urban Sombrero112 
 22The Hookers110 
 22Under Birdies110 
 22Double Ds110 
 22sharkstheman !!!110 
 22Tin cup110 
 22Hit Em Hard110 
 22NotoriousBOGEY aka BiggieBallz110 
 22Eldrick's Revenge110 
 22Rev. Randy Watson110 
 22Building a Dynasty110 
 22I love the Masters110 
 22Make Tiger Great Again110 
 22I don't know golf110 
 22Charleston Chippers110