Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Josh Culp 118

Top 50

 1Fantasy Investors240 
 3Shooter McGavin238 
 3Hogan's Heroes238 
 6Invitational Champion236 
 6robbie summey236 
 9Droppin' Another Deuce234 
 9Rory's 2017234 
 9Mace Windu234 
 14Cinderella Boy232 
 15PAUL's Pathetic Picks230 
 15Hacking Skitz230 
 15Bogey Men230 
 1556 Degree Foot Wedge230 
 15Ice Cubes & 9 Irons230 
 15Skunk in the Trunk230 
 15El Nino230 
 15sandy pars230 
 15Mac Daddy Woods230 
 26Fearsome Foresome228 
 26Erik Compton's Hearts & Farts228 
 30Fore it!226 
 30Another Year of Disappointment226 
 35Cold As Ice224 
 35Stela Petrova224 
 35Flier Lie224 
 35Fat Pat's Candy Stash224 
 35Bogey Bill224 
 43Ryder Cup Taskforce222 
 43KC's Fearsome Foursome222 
 43Driver Pirates222 
 43i told you the skins suck222